Back from Delhi

Monday, August 29

I just got back from a great weekend in Delhi, my first hot shower in a month and the breakfast buffet and the Sheraton where I stayed with Todd was such a nice change from tea and fruit, my Indian breakfast to date.

Now it's back to work, gotta get caught up and try to convince my boss that I can leave for a week soon to go to Leh in the mountains. I don't think I'm that indespensible that I can't leave and if I wanted to work long hours for no money I could have stayed in Canada.

We still don't have a house and the one we wanted seems to be slipping away so back to square one I guess. We finally got a gas burner so we can cook something though I don't think we have anything to cook in and the grocery stores are very far from our house. Hopefully our buddy Vickrham who seems to be the man of Mohali (where we live) can find us a place soon.

Gonna go and get some food so take care everyone. And spell check takes too long on this slow connection so you'll have to deal with my bad spelling.
nicholas, 7:07 AM


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