Yo hoho, it's a pirates life for me

Wednesday, April 19

Well I was very excited by the strong response to my plan of becoming a pirate and heading south. As it turns out this is a common dream and we have the beginnings of a strong crew assembled. While I will be captaining the ship, mainly because I like the idea of a big hat with feathers in it, I've decided that I will be spending most of my time in the ships galley preparing delicious meals with the fresh catch of the day. First Mate Murray has been practicing being a pirate for years and with a strong liquor store management resume backing him up I've decided that he will be taking care of most day to day operations. If you are interested in a specific position on the boat please let me know your qualifications and the reason you think you would be good at the job.

The planned route is going to be starting in Victoria, BC, stopping in Vancouver to pick up a crew and supplies before heading down to Seattle to pick up the remainder of the crew. I've mapped a general route below.

Clearly since we're passing California and Mexico we will need to make a few stops on the way to pillage so that by the time we get to the Caribbean we will have a good word of mouth reputation. I'll plan the route in more detail and let you know the itinerary. Once we get to Panama we'll go through the canal and find ourselves in the warm Caribbean waters. I'm not sure exactly where the Panama canal is because Google Maps doesn't have great definition for the country but I think it's pretty big so we'll probably just run into it. Please pack your bags and be ready to go on a moments notice as our First Mate is actively searching for the right boat for us to commandeer. I've requested one with a hot tub and stainless steel appliances in the galley. Please let me know if you have any special requests. Looking forward to sailing with you. Cheers Mates!

PS. I found a treasure map on ebay but I'm not sure if it's real. See if you can authenticate it.
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Why was I not Born a Pirate?

Sunday, April 9

Last night over wine, my Mom's peach pie and port my brother and I lamented once again upon fact that we were not pirates. Maybe it's a family thing because my Dad then told us about a pirate show that was his favorite when he was a kid. There is something about pirates (and super hero's) that make everyone want to be them. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman, not a pirate, but for some reason lately I've been thinking the pirates life is for me. Not so much the rape and plunder but the parties and treasure and maybe a parrot. I'm drawing up a business plan for a joint venture with my brother and a friend of mine who also wants to be a pirate. We'll buy a sugar cane plantation in Jamaica, make rum and try to break into the pirating business.

Let me know if you want to join us or have a pirate ship we could "borrow".
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The United States of Big Cars and Bad Chocolate

Monday, April 3

So I've been in Seattle for a couple of weeks now and while I have to say this is a very Canadian American city there are little differences that pop up now and then. Chocolate is a particularity evil difference between Canada and the US. I always wondered why when we went to visit my family in the US we always brought boxes of chocolate from Canada. It's not like you can't get most of the same brands; kitkat, Snickers ... however the exact same chocolate bar in the States will taste like crap. I'll define crap more precisely as waxy, crunch and generally not very chocolate like. Apparently this is because in Canada the legal amount of cocoa that must be in chocolate is higher than in the US so American chocolate bars actually have less chocolate in them than Canadian ones. I was rudely reminded of this yesterday when I bought a Snickers bar that might as well have been coated in wax rather than chocolate. Now I can't claim that Canadians don't also drive big cars especially being from Alberta where the car of choice is generally trucks that make driving down the highway feel more like you somehow ended up in the middle of a monster truck rally. However Americans still love their big cars and these commercials made by someone for a contest hosted on the GM website were shown to me at a party the other night where I drank way to much red wine. Check it out before they get taken down.

[Ok they took them down but I found some that are up still
One Two Three Four Five Six

and if you go here:

you can make your own. Haha, I love it and even though Chevy says they meant to do it, hmmm hard to belive. but at the risk of being a marketing vehicle for Chevy I'm posting the link because it's a great chance to vent SUV frustrations.]

Mmmm it's nice to have wine again and my brother reminded me of just how nice food can be by taking me out to a tapas bar on the weekend for mint marinated scallops, beef serlion with truffle oil and a bottle of Spanish red! I might never leave Seattle to get a job.
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