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Wednesday, April 19

Well I was very excited by the strong response to my plan of becoming a pirate and heading south. As it turns out this is a common dream and we have the beginnings of a strong crew assembled. While I will be captaining the ship, mainly because I like the idea of a big hat with feathers in it, I've decided that I will be spending most of my time in the ships galley preparing delicious meals with the fresh catch of the day. First Mate Murray has been practicing being a pirate for years and with a strong liquor store management resume backing him up I've decided that he will be taking care of most day to day operations. If you are interested in a specific position on the boat please let me know your qualifications and the reason you think you would be good at the job.

The planned route is going to be starting in Victoria, BC, stopping in Vancouver to pick up a crew and supplies before heading down to Seattle to pick up the remainder of the crew. I've mapped a general route below.

Clearly since we're passing California and Mexico we will need to make a few stops on the way to pillage so that by the time we get to the Caribbean we will have a good word of mouth reputation. I'll plan the route in more detail and let you know the itinerary. Once we get to Panama we'll go through the canal and find ourselves in the warm Caribbean waters. I'm not sure exactly where the Panama canal is because Google Maps doesn't have great definition for the country but I think it's pretty big so we'll probably just run into it. Please pack your bags and be ready to go on a moments notice as our First Mate is actively searching for the right boat for us to commandeer. I've requested one with a hot tub and stainless steel appliances in the galley. Please let me know if you have any special requests. Looking forward to sailing with you. Cheers Mates!

PS. I found a treasure map on ebay but I'm not sure if it's real. See if you can authenticate it.
nicholas, 11:13 AM


ooohhh ohhh ohhh...i would like to be ship floosy, parrot and that statue on the front of the ship (usually a mermaid).

by the way...I will spread my pox around...isn't that sexy? (chicken pox that is, but I am on herpes meds so it still counts!)

Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:33 AM  
we need a mermaid, floosy and parrot so you're in and the pox are a nice touch. Nothing like spreading the plague to the new world.
Blogger nicholas, at 1:50 PM have way too much time on your hands.

I'm pretty sure I could help out with the cooking duties. My resume is my blog.
Blogger kent, at 3:27 PM  
Take me, take me! I can swear really well in numerous languages! :)
Blogger Vladan, at 10:26 AM  
shot gun being the 'wench'! cause i do an awesome job of just sitting around looking wonderful, pouting my full lips and driving the poor horny men who haven't gotten laid since the last docking of the ship bonkers.
Anonymous amanda, at 6:39 PM  
yarr! I'd like to be aboard your ship. I can pillage away some supplies from a****n and use them for our pirate ways! oh and I can pick up some fashionable hooks to use instead of hands. it's much better that way.
Anonymous jeremy, at 10:26 PM  

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