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Friday, September 14

I've spent much of the last month cris-crossing the US. First there was a flight to Seattle that started off the cross country road trip to repatriate my brother Jeremy. A relaxing weekend of moving him out of his apartment led smoothly into five days of driving across the Northern US. Washington, Montana, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, South Dakota. It was pretty amazing to see and the seemingly endless supply of truck stops and faux family diners were only topped by the down home charm of the people in Montana and South Dakota. We had a true patriotic experience at Mt. Rushmore, Amish cheese from a gas station in Wisconsin and a large amount of what I think is the modern day equivalent to American apple pie, Starbucks. Then after a few short days back at home it was back to the west coast for my cousins wedding in Portland.

Portland is an alternative town to the core. Bumper stickers that say keep Portland weird pretty much cover it and it comes as no surprise to me that the place is the home to many great bands. It was a beautiful ceremony in the woods just outside the city and a great reception that spiraled into a very late night hotel party at The Doug Fir. Actually it was more of a motel party since The Doug Fir is an old 50's hotel that someone poured a bare minimum of money into and created a funky little boutique motel if there is such a thing. It's overpriced but totally fun and the restaurant/bar are worth checking out even if you don't stay there. While having a hung over breakfast in the restaurant and refilling our water with a wine bottle the waitress left on the table, I felt oddly like the classiest trailer trash in the world.

After saying farewell to the newlyweds it was back on the plane to Phoenix where I spent an hour in the airport eating a very tasty burrito and then on to Atlanta where I've spent the last two weeks doing some training for work. So was hot, humid and full of accents that make me giggle. We hit up CokeWorld to drink 60 different soft drinks from around the world and rode the sugar buzz through a CNN studio tour. The next day was filled with vintage shopping, a beer with a guy named David who wore a surfer outfit and acted suspiciously like I would expect a modern day Jesus would, and a concert where we say The National, Doveman and The Rosebuds.

Just a couple more hours and I get to go home!
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