Thursdays Review - MI5

Friday, December 8

I've been living out of a suitcase in a friends place for a couple of weeks now settling into Toronto and my new job. It's not so bad really and the giant TV he has makes it a comfortable place to pass away the evenings after long days of training at work. I was pretty excited last week when I found Series 3 of MI5 in the video store across the street.

MI5 (called Spooks in the UK) is a BBC production that started around the same time as 24. I was hooked on the show when I lived in Hong Kong and Series 1 was running there but I haven't seen it again until recently when the DVD's started coming out here. The show is a more political and character driven version of 24 minus the over the top action and real time strolling. Don't get me wrong I love 24 but this show does it for me because of the British touch. Kinda like James Bond if he had a flat in London and sat at a desk doing surveillance and research half the time and security services were constantly trying to remain independent of the political masters. Using MI5, the domestic security services in the UK, lets the show focus in on everything from techno terrorism, IRA, dealing with the CIA ...

They killed my favorite character in the last episode which was sad but means almost a whole new cast for Series 4 when it comes out here. They're already starting on Series 6 in the UK. So if you're just waiting around for 24 to start in January check out MI5 (Spooks).
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