Muffin Man

Sunday, June 25

So I just got a job in a bakery now and I've had allot of trouble taking myself seriously. The whole thing is starting convince me more and more that my friend was right when he said that some of us live in a Trueman Show world where our lives are really sticoms. So first of all I get a nice white apron and a little paper hat like the ones you get at Krispy Cream and then we started up. It's a serious factory in there with a freight elevator to the basement where you use a dolly to get all the muffin mix. Next you bring it up and mix in various fruits and vegetables with giant wooden spoons and then the assembly line starts with guys making muffins and I was the new guy so I was on topping duty putting on cranberries, chocolate chips blueberries... all in my apron and hat. It was totally hilarious and I kept smiling to myself because I'm not sure anyone else I worked with would get how ridiculous it all was. I felt like an elf or an umpa lumpa or something. The muffin team is one Canadian high school kid, 2 Chinese guys and an old guy from Serbia who speaks almost no english.

I looked around and there were two little old ladies rolling out the 8 foot long piece of dough that would become cinnamon buns while I kept making my hundreds of muffins. I think I'm definitely in a sitcom... or maybe hell?
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Oh Edmonton, I missed the chaos you bring me

Monday, June 19

Returning to Edmonton was like falling back into the strange and only slightly different world I left a year ago. Most of my friends were here and thanks especially to those who drove to Edmonton, it was a great weekend. As soon as I got off the plane I knew it was going to be good with three friends meeting me at the airport we navigated around the police barricades and oilers fans to get a beer. That's how the long weekend started. From there it steadily descended into the chaos that once was my usual life in Edmonton. First was a diner party (balsamic sesame crusted salmon, dill fries, and Sando's pear salad) which led to a competitive round of Cranium before going to Halo where we dances, got pepper sprayed and then danced some more.

Before I could even recover we were off to the Pride parade on Saturday which ended in the beer garden in Churchill square. While the music was pretty sad, the drag queens and beer tents made up for it and before I knew it we had missed the first period of the hockey game. After that killer game (Go Edmonton!) it was off to one of the most interesting places you are likely to visit in the world, a place where small town charm meets big city eyeliner, The Roost. The bar was hoping for pride and I ran into lots of old friends between dancing to 80's and trying to escape the human created humidity on the patio. As usually happens, the night didn't end there. There was a 4 am stop at Dennys with the most surly waitress I've ever seen followed by me limping around in bare feet trying to catch a cab home before the sun came up any further.

I know there were lots of blanks in that convoluted story but they're for you to fill in as you see fit. Thanks for the good times back in Edmonton, now to get a job!
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In Purgatory, I mean Edmonton

Wednesday, June 14

Yesterday I started packing my bags for yet another voyage. It's funny because I'm starting to be immune to the usual excitement of packing I think. I guess it's probably because in the last year and abit I've lived in five different houses in two different countries plus a little side trip to the US... Actually looking at the word different doesn't come close to describing the contrast between living in Canada and living in India but that's another story. In any case packing is becoming easier each time probably because I seem to be living out of a continual suitcase.

So I'm leaving what is apparently monsoon season in Kelowna for the bright lights of Edmonton. And while some people I'm sure are saying, "they have bright lights in Edmonton?". But the lights probably will be pretty bright, at least for another few days while the Edmonton Oilers are in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in like 15 years or something and the city borders on riots of despair and celebration. Plus there is all that oil money to burn these days in Alberta. Actually it might be blindingly bright even if it is just the reflected light of Calgary's money inferno.

My new adventure is revisiting my old life to see what's there. Hopefully I'll become underemployed instead of unemployed and spend a few months in purgatory before moving on. Actually summer and fall in Edmonton are much like what I would expect from purgatory. We know a calm, cold winter is coming but in the meantime there are street performers all over in strange costumes, people get this unfamiliar summer glow to otherwise ghostly pale skin and it's never quite nice enough to be mistaken for heaven.

See you on the other side.
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Now This is Good Marketing

Monday, June 12

I think I will only buy organic from now on.

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Tekkie or Trecker

Thursday, June 8

My friend had a link to this on her site and when I saw it I almost died. Seriously it's probably the best thing ever

The Funniest Thing Ever

I also made a little flash movie. It's not Star Trek or and it's not so funny but check it out if you're interested.

So after I watched that clip with dancing Picard I spent like an hour on youtube watching Star Trek stuff and then I turned on TV and TNG was on so I had to watch it. It's amazing how much better I always feel after watching Star Trek. Ok you can kick my ass now if you want. Here's a few more clips, the claymation ones are the best.

Claymation Trek

Borg Music Video

Kirk and Spock Love Edit

Star Trek Vs Star Wars
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Busily Unemployed

Monday, June 5

Seriously this last week has been so busy I'm thinking about not getting a job because it's so exhausting not having one. I'm to tired to write about it so here it is in pics.

100 K bike ride with my dad on my moms bike that's way to tiny for me and to boot a flat tire I kept riding on for 5k followed by two faulty tubes!Rowing at the lake with my buddy Beth just before our day at the beach go rained out.

Beth and I catching up on some partying I haven't been doing lately.

Breakin in my parents new BBQ with everything from beer can chicken, chicken satay with peanut sauce and chili, lime and cilantro shrimp kebabs.

My friend beths website revamp. Her post punk jazz style (I've decided to tell people that's your genre Beth) is hard to create a theme for and it took awhile but not gonna lie, it looks good! Check it out.
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