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Monday, June 5

Seriously this last week has been so busy I'm thinking about not getting a job because it's so exhausting not having one. I'm to tired to write about it so here it is in pics.

100 K bike ride with my dad on my moms bike that's way to tiny for me and to boot a flat tire I kept riding on for 5k followed by two faulty tubes!Rowing at the lake with my buddy Beth just before our day at the beach go rained out.

Beth and I catching up on some partying I haven't been doing lately.

Breakin in my parents new BBQ with everything from beer can chicken, chicken satay with peanut sauce and chili, lime and cilantro shrimp kebabs.

My friend beths website revamp. Her post punk jazz style (I've decided to tell people that's your genre Beth) is hard to create a theme for and it took awhile but not gonna lie, it looks good! Check it out.
nicholas, 4:38 PM


Yo Dude,
How Have ye been? and how about mads?
Keep in touch

Blogger Cruel Intentions, at 11:40 PM  
Damn was the hill out of salmon arm? or did you even make it that far?

What exactly are you guys doing in that picture?
Blogger kent, at 11:48 PM  
Congrats on the seo friendly attempt...

She seems to be havin a busy tour schedule, any chances on java city:P

Great lookin site , some links do not work, qc follows
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 4:54 AM  
Kent, That hill was killer. I almost fell off my bike in front of a car when I stood up to pedal but we managed to finish the race in time to get our prize towels. The photo is my dad and I trying to get a new tube in my tire after the first two we tried exploded.

Hey Aman's I tried to make it abit SEO but sometimes just said whatever. I think I fixed the broken links now. I'm doin good and I haven't heard from Mads in awhile but last I heard he was good too.
Blogger nicholas, at 12:31 PM  
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 4:28 AM  
I brought my prize towel with me to india. Needless to say, it got really dirty, really fast.
Blogger kent, at 9:14 AM  

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