In Purgatory, I mean Edmonton

Wednesday, June 14

Yesterday I started packing my bags for yet another voyage. It's funny because I'm starting to be immune to the usual excitement of packing I think. I guess it's probably because in the last year and abit I've lived in five different houses in two different countries plus a little side trip to the US... Actually looking at the word different doesn't come close to describing the contrast between living in Canada and living in India but that's another story. In any case packing is becoming easier each time probably because I seem to be living out of a continual suitcase.

So I'm leaving what is apparently monsoon season in Kelowna for the bright lights of Edmonton. And while some people I'm sure are saying, "they have bright lights in Edmonton?". But the lights probably will be pretty bright, at least for another few days while the Edmonton Oilers are in the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in like 15 years or something and the city borders on riots of despair and celebration. Plus there is all that oil money to burn these days in Alberta. Actually it might be blindingly bright even if it is just the reflected light of Calgary's money inferno.

My new adventure is revisiting my old life to see what's there. Hopefully I'll become underemployed instead of unemployed and spend a few months in purgatory before moving on. Actually summer and fall in Edmonton are much like what I would expect from purgatory. We know a calm, cold winter is coming but in the meantime there are street performers all over in strange costumes, people get this unfamiliar summer glow to otherwise ghostly pale skin and it's never quite nice enough to be mistaken for heaven.

See you on the other side.
nicholas, 10:03 AM


Purgatory is a good way to descripe the torcher of india. The blinding heat, the food that was covered in bacteria, the unclean water, get robbed by cleaners and the devils of Aiesecs who laughted at us most probably because we had choosen to go there :) if they'd had pitch forks they would have used them.
I think we are all going to heaven now all our sins are forgeven because we went through purgatory and survived.
Blogger Marty4, at 1:55 PM  
and because we bathed in the Ganga....

So are you stopping in Calgary for a day? Or stopping in Calgary at all? I swear, I'll stand in the middle of deerfoot waiting for you and then hurl myself in front of your car so that you'll at least stop.

Let me know what your plan is...please.
Blogger kent, at 8:30 AM  

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