Tekkie or Trecker

Thursday, June 8

My friend had a link to this on her site and when I saw it I almost died. Seriously it's probably the best thing ever

The Funniest Thing Ever

I also made a little flash movie. It's not Star Trek or and it's not so funny but check it out if you're interested.

So after I watched that clip with dancing Picard I spent like an hour on youtube watching Star Trek stuff and then I turned on TV and TNG was on so I had to watch it. It's amazing how much better I always feel after watching Star Trek. Ok you can kick my ass now if you want. Here's a few more clips, the claymation ones are the best.

Claymation Trek

Borg Music Video

Kirk and Spock Love Edit

Star Trek Vs Star Wars
nicholas, 10:27 PM


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