Muffin Man

Sunday, June 25

So I just got a job in a bakery now and I've had allot of trouble taking myself seriously. The whole thing is starting convince me more and more that my friend was right when he said that some of us live in a Trueman Show world where our lives are really sticoms. So first of all I get a nice white apron and a little paper hat like the ones you get at Krispy Cream and then we started up. It's a serious factory in there with a freight elevator to the basement where you use a dolly to get all the muffin mix. Next you bring it up and mix in various fruits and vegetables with giant wooden spoons and then the assembly line starts with guys making muffins and I was the new guy so I was on topping duty putting on cranberries, chocolate chips blueberries... all in my apron and hat. It was totally hilarious and I kept smiling to myself because I'm not sure anyone else I worked with would get how ridiculous it all was. I felt like an elf or an umpa lumpa or something. The muffin team is one Canadian high school kid, 2 Chinese guys and an old guy from Serbia who speaks almost no english.

I looked around and there were two little old ladies rolling out the 8 foot long piece of dough that would become cinnamon buns while I kept making my hundreds of muffins. I think I'm definitely in a sitcom... or maybe hell?
nicholas, 12:34 PM



is there any real reason that you have to wear that hat, why is that hat different and is there any point besides making you look like you work in a bakery? it's bizarre, I think. you should investigate it!!

and don't worry, sometimes I think that I am in the kasia show and that everyone is watching me pick my nose!!

it will make for good stories in the fall when you have that awesome job, and when you have kids and you tell them about how the "gravy train" is eventually going to stop. they will appreciate your work ethic and get similarly bad jobs while you go on marvelous vacations!

talk to you later babe

Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:45 PM  
Well done, sir.

I cringe at the thought of you being the one behind the muffins you see at superstore and safeway.

How did you manage to get this gig?
Blogger kent, at 10:43 PM  
Muffin factory........!!!! You sure on a trip man! mwwwahaha
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 2:53 AM  

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