Oh, Canada

Wednesday, September 28

Ok, so I'm a little patriotic especially when living overseas but I have to
say I just read the text from the speech our new GG (Governor-General)
Michaƫlle Jean and it made my Canadian heart beat a little faster. For any
non-Canadians who might be reading this the GG is one of the last political
remnants of our colonial past. The GG acts as the Queen of Englands
representative in Canada. While they have no real power the GG has been a
strong symbol of Canadian values and a high profile appointed states person
that represents the values and makeup of Canada.

I liked our last GG Adrienne Clarkson. She was an impressive women who
supported the arts and being an immigrant born in Hong Kong represented the
diversity of Canada which we don't always see in Parliament. The speech
from the new GG was inspirational and made me proud to be a Canadian. With
it she put behind her any controversy about her affiliations with separatism
and her story about understanding freedom from growing up with tyranny in
Haiti made me think I take my freedom for granted. She talked like Canadian
determined to show us what we all can be and promote the solidification of
those vague ideals that make us Canadian. I wish her luck and hope that she
can live up to the expectations I have after reading that speech. Check it
out here if you're interested

nicholas, 10:23 PM


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Blogger Lou, at 10:26 PM  
Well said, Nick. I've often wondered "What does the GG do other than dissolve parliament and go to fancy dinners?" You hit it bang on (definitely not clear as mud) when you said that it's what she represents, not what she does. The position embodies the cultural diversity in Canada and it's something I'm proud of. All this travelling I've done this year has only made me realize how lucky we are in Canada and how I will never again take it for granted.

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Blogger kent, at 10:37 PM  

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