Polyphonic Horn Tones

Wednesday, September 28

So I was walking across the street today taking a long lunch when I realized
I am way to comfortable near death standing in the middle of traffic with
cars coming within inches on either side of me honking and sometimes
shouting. Back home if some one honks at me they are likely to get the
finger but now I barely notice. I think it's a common symptom of living in
Chandigarh called horn depthness. Mads and I were talking and it seems
there needs to be a new more noticeable horn.

Cell phones have polyphonic rigntones and now even MP3s so why can't we have
them in cars? Wouldn't it be nice in an auto rickshaw when that scooter cuts
you off the driver lays on the horn and out comes "Every buddy was kung-fu
fighting, those kids were fast as lightning ..." or maybe some Marley "Stir
it up, come darlin stir it up ..." I think this can be a hit product in
India and may help make driving in Chandigarh more pleasant. On second
thought everyone here will have some Punjabi or Bollywood song blaring from
their horns all the time, maybe I'll scrap the idea.

nicholas, 4:38 AM


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