Another weekend in India

Monday, October 10

Ok it's been a few crazy days since I've posted so let me tell you all about it.  On Thursday night after pulling a 12 hour day to get a project done on time I met up with some friends who managed to get invitations to a Mumbai Fashion Show after party.  Open bar, real music and pretty girls, it was the best party I've been to in India.  Decked out in my second hand tuxedo jacket and jeans I won't lie I was hot stuff and the tv camera agreed because they stood there and video tapped us all night long.  I even got to take a little footage myself.  I'm working on becoming a bollywood star!

So even though we were exhausted we decided to go to Delhi for the weekend to party.  We got in Saturday afternoon and then that night ended up at a party that a french guy was having.  A little lame so we bar hoped around refusing to pay overpriced cover until we ended up at F-Bar.  The place was pumpin the worst R&B you can imagine but it was packed with people from Korea and China for some reason.  It had this great view of silhouetted trees and a lake out a huge glass window and we got in for a quarter the cover somehow.  Luckily we still had a bottle of whiskey with us and Jean could mix us drinks under the bar rather than paying $10 for a highball.  I mean come-on, it's India.  Starving we stumbled out of the bar and got back to our hotel at 4 am and had the usual fight over price with our rickshaw driver.  All the stores were closed but luckily Aman the omelet guy was still up and whipped up some omelets, toast and coffee on his little cart in front of the hotel. Mmmmm, then the sun came up so time for bed.

As if that wasn't enough we spent Sunday at "The Food and Fun Village", a water park outside Delhi. You know how anything that involves a bathing suit in north america is a bit of a fashion show, well not in India.  The ugliest bathing suits you have ever seen, girls wearing actual bathing dress and pants and guys were wearing baggy Speedos and some had Speedos on over trunks.  And they danced to Hindi music at the "water bar" that serves coke.  Haha, it was so funny but great for a hangover.  So now back in sleepy Chandiagarh.

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