Brad Pitt in Chandigarh!

Thursday, October 27

I am at 3 months in India now and I was thinking about the things I will miss and the things I will not miss so much even though I'm here for a long time yet. One thing that struck me is how I'm a super star. I mean I know with my dashing good looks I'm often mistaken for Brad Pitt especially from behind but in India I really get to feel life as a star. People are constantly coming up and wanting to talk to me. Instead of the usual "Oh, I just loved you in Seven Years in Tibet" the lines are "What country?" "Who's your father?". While that may sound slightly sexual let me assure you that in India it's not.

In restaurants there is no end of staring while I eat. The paveratzi of young guys who want pictures with me are usually waiting out front to grab me as I try to quietly escape. I even held up a whole parade because the guys dressed as Hindu gods wanted photos with me in the Kodak store. A couple of days ago when I was flexing my huge muscles and running in the park I noticed some guys with a cell phone taking my picture, I assume for the front page of some tabloid paper in India. The topper was when we were hanging out with some cops and they asked my friend and I for an autograph. It's probably on e-bay already.

I get invited to exclusive Mmodel parties, get free drinks and pay less cover at bars. I've been interviewed for the paper and at a bar had tv cameras in my face while I drank and danced.

I'm not sure I'll miss the fame but all I can say is Brad and Angelina I feel your pain, let's do lunch.
nicholas, 2:54 AM


you didn't even mention that fact that just being from canada in this part of the world makes you star-cum-immigration expert (note the adept usage). "What country...can you get me a visa for Canada?"

I do know how you feel though. Do you think we should hold a picture signing one day?

Oh ya, and whatever happened to our belgian superstar counterparts?
Blogger kent, at 11:35 PM  

i feel your pain - almost literally.

a couple of days ago i was cycling home, when i got caught behind another bicycle, with nowhere to go because of the bus on my right side, barely a millimeter away from hitting me, and moving ever closer whilst it slowly passed me.

All i was capable during this event was to swear my head off, lose some ballast via my arse, and close my eyes hoping that when i opened them again i wouldn't be looking at the underside of the bus that had just killed me.

And of couse while this was going on, i had the tabloid reporters following me on a motorcycle, asking 'Why is your country?' and wanting a pleasant conversation.

Alas i was unable to oblige them with the expected pleasentaries at that time, and it will probably go down as one of those crazy celebrity incidents Russel Crowe is famous for.

If only they had approached my agent first to organise the interview. I only require some chai and hot gulab jamun, and i'm anybody's.
Blogger ryan101, at 12:18 AM  
I killed some hookers and senator's wives the other night, just like the Baldwin brothers used to. Does that make me a celebrity?
Anonymous murray, at 12:44 AM  
Murray you are a huge celebrity. Front page in Delhi after knockin off all those senator's wives. Some how they got a shot of you pouring beer on yourself in a wife beater, sooo hot!
Blogger nicholas, at 3:59 AM  

i imagine a group of italian opera singers with cameras

have a fun time with the fame

and i have a girlfriend for you here when you come back...maybe, or at least cooking partners

Anonymous kasia, at 12:54 PM  

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