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Monday, October 17

As an installment in my blog from now on I will be giving my reviews of Chai from around India. Chai seems to be the national drink of India and there are many different subtleties that should be noticed when tasting chai. Whether its from the street stall or a five star hotel you never know where you'll find that perfect cup.

Office Chai
Rating: **/5

The first chai review comes from where I have chai every day, my office. While the service is great with chai delivered to my desk twice a day, the flavor is somewhat lacking. Office chai has a weak hint of assam tea but it is masked by an overpowering sugar rush that leaves my vibrating in my chair for the next hour. While there are undertones of cinnamon and dates they are drowned in Punjabi dairy. All and all it's not worth making a trip to Sector 34 for this chai.
nicholas, 4:26 AM


this is terrific!

one of the best blogs i have encountered!

Anonymous kasia, at 7:55 AM  

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