Chai Talk

Sunday, October 23

Location: Bangladesh House – Near Sector 8 Market, Panchkula

Rating: ****/5

After another lovely evening partying with the kids out in Panchkula I rolled out of the communal bed at craving something to take the edge off the craziness the night before. On call the house cook, Kent came in to ask if I wanted chai. He was visibly nervous knowing that a review in Chai Talk could make or break his career as a tea man.

I was a little apprehensive when I walked into the kitchen and caught him sniffing the milk but he assured me that it was ok and probably bought that morning. When the chai did come it was hot as lava and burned the tip of my tongue however the pain was followed by the delicious realization that he had made it using only the finest Sri Lankan blended tea.

Kent had obviously been doing his research on my chai preferences as he kept the sugar to minimum and used 1% milk rather than whole. This made for a light tea that pirouetted on my taste buds but did not overstay it’s welcome. I could sense a fruity plum like undertone that is generally found in tea grown along the coast. This was followed by a smooth chocolate aftertaste. The chai could have benefited from some nutmeg and cinnamon to really bring it to life and expose its delicate subtleties. Non-the less is was an exquisite chai and I will be back for more. If you ever find yourself in Panchkula be sure to stop by the Bangladesh House to enjoy a great chai served by one of the friendliest tea men you’re likely to meet.
nicholas, 10:30 PM


Blogger ryan101, at 11:17 PM  
Wow. Now that's what I call a review. You really should be writing for the new york times. Maybe you could review by butter masala and dosas next. And people are always welcome for chai at Bangladesh House.
Blogger kent, at 12:24 AM  
Blogger Vladan, at 10:17 PM  
I like your regular chai talk columns. How do you say chai with a New York accent? Instead of sitting around having coffee talk, we can now have chai talk.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 10:43 PM  
You should host a radio call in show called 'chai talk'. Radio call in shows are neat. Also, you could give persoal advise to your callers. We'll talk later and set it up
Anonymous Murray, at 10:25 AM  
terrific...i especially love the phrase...priouetted on my tongue

Anonymous kasia, at 8:24 PM  

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