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Tuesday, October 18

Location: Stand In Front of the Indian Air force Office at Monkey Point in Kasauli
Rating: ***/5

By the time we got to the chai stand at monkey point I had had a beer for breakfast and was hungry enough to eat the monkeys. Of course the air force guys wouldn't let us up to the point because none of us had our visas or passports with us so what to do but have a chai at the roadside stand.

Service was rather slow but with the stunning view from the old British hill station it's hard to complain about having to wait for your chai. When the chai came I was pleasantly surprised that it had much less sugar than most and a subtle nutmeg flavor. The milk used however was whole milk making it a little too creamy for my tastes.

The stand owner redeemed himself for the slow service when my friend drunkie Jean broke my chai cup and he didn't bat an eye, just smiled and laughed. So when you are stuck negotiating with the air force trying to get up to monkey point you might as well put down your beer for a couple minutes and have a chai.
nicholas, 4:05 AM


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