Happy Dussehra

Thursday, October 13

Happy Dussehra,

In case anyone was wondering, I made it through the earthquake just fine. I was actually on a bus at the time so never even felt a thing. Thanks for those who checked in on me, I appreciate it.

I've been thinking allot about my old friends from back home lately. Maybe because it was just Canadian thanksgiving and I was remembering our crazy thanksgiving party last year when Mandy even left her own parents thanksgiving to come to ours! I didn't celebrate thanksgiving this year, our oven doesn't work and even if we could find a turkey it would be little and probably not so tasty to eat. Now we're all over the world with our own lives and own thanksgivings or lack there of. But still thanksgiving, maybe even as much as Christmas seems like a time to be with family. This thanksgiving I missed my family and my friends, many of whom are like family to me. I hope we all get to do turkey again some day soon but until then take care everyone and make sure you all do some crazy stuff that we can talk about over wine and mashed potatoes!

On another note yesterday was dusshera here and everyone got together to watch them burn ephagies filled with fire crackers, gotta say it was pretty cool. AND there's a party at my house in Chandigarh this Saturday night so let me know if anyone feels like dropping by, we'll put the speakers on the roof and dance till sunrise so you might just want to buy your ticket to india now!

nicholas, 12:30 AM


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