I'm a Local at Last

Wednesday, October 19

Ok so this was a big day. I’ve been trying to pick up a little hindi here and there and been not to successful at it because the only time I really practice is with rickshaw drivers who never understand a word I’m saying but always nod and smile. So this morning catching a cycle rickshaw to work I said namaste and told him chauntiis sector where my office is and hoped in. Normally this is not something you do in India because you’ll find yourself getting out of the rickshaw and the driver demanding twice the regular price because you were stupid enough not to fix it when you got in. But when I got to work I said pandra rupees (the actual price for a white guy at least) and gave it to him and he smiled and left.

For those who have been to India you know this is a big deal. A rickshaw driver had the chance and didn’t try to screw with me. I think that means I’m a local now!

nicholas, 4:15 AM


yay!! ur the man!! :) welldone! next time learn some local slangs!! u might get a discount :)
Blogger Mandrake, at 6:52 AM  
sweet! nice work little brother. a real local.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 6:24 PM  
does this mean you are staying longer than you planned? i hope not!!
i am impressed.
i still can't get over the rickshaws!
Anonymous kasia, at 5:32 PM  
oh, and i am also embarassed, because when i was reading your post, i was so excited about namaste, because i understood that because of yoga and i was like, wow, that's like...a real world. fucking idiot tolwinski!
Anonymous kasia, at 5:33 PM  
I don't think I can stay here longer, the rickshaw drivers in front of my office are starting to unionize against me and try to charge me too much. I can always pick of the week one though and get the real price. I hope they don't take a hint from BC and go on strike!
Blogger nicholas, at 11:42 PM  

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