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Friday, October 21

A new installment for my tea reviews is Tiffin Talk. Every lunch in my office I get food delivered which costs 20 rp a day (about $0.75 CN). I have tried about 5 services since starting work and had varying degrees of success with food often not showing up and some of the worst chipati's in the world.

On Friday I had a new tiffin that has been the talk of the office. As always it came in a cute little thermos on a rope that just makes you want to skip down the street with it. I popped it open and surprise, surprise the first little metal container had four somewhat warm chipatis. They were whole wheat for the health conscious and not burnt. Next was the rice which is needed in a tiffin to make you feel like you've eaten anything for lunch. In the third container was a paneer and capsicum mixture. While there were only two pieces of paneer (an indian version of cheese that's more like tofu) I'll give points because it's the fist tiffin I've ever had with paneer in it.

This was a classy tiffin and had a fourth item, the ever popular dahl. Dahl comes in many shades of green, brown and yellow and while I'm sure there are many subtle flavors every one I've ever had tastes the same. The slightly slimy texture compliments the beans and sticks well to chipati. It was good enough to give it a try for one more week and I bet on Monday they'll surprise me with a steak and on Tuesday sushi!
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:) funny!! ehehhehe!!
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