What a weekend!

Tuesday, October 4

The adventures never seem to stop in India. We had a crazy weekend here
with a big party at our house on Friday night and way to little sleep we set
of on the train to Shimla. Shimla is an amazing little piece of Europe
tucked up in the hills of northern India. There are like 2 or 3 old
churches, an old ferris wheel and the whole city sprawls up and down the
hills with European looking buildings. It was nice and cool and the sunsets
were incredible.

The real adventure was on the way back down to Chandigarh. We ended up
taking a jeep back because there was six of us and as soon as the Hindi pop
got pumping it was clear that it was a good ride ahead. We decided to stop
off at a wine and beer shop for a little Sunday night cap but everywhere was
closed for Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. Luckily, as often happens, our driver
knew a place and we stopped to buy fruit wine and apple cider. Of course
then we made a couple of India friends and 10 minutes later a bottle of
whisky materialized. The next hour in the jeep was pretty rowdy with a guy
from Scotland and me passing a bottle around sitting in the trunk. Then we
his a traffic jam and were told we'd have to stay the night in this little
city. Of course all the rooms were taken at every hotel we went to so we
settled down in front of a building and tried to sleep on some creates for a
couple hours. Sleep was impossible but the guard of the building gave me a
little tour of what apparently was a little shampoo bottle factory. Finally
the we checked and the road had opened up so we left our comfy spot on the
sidewalk and found a driver to take us to Chandigarh. I slept in he trunk
with the bags and we got home at 6 am to an apartment full of water. But
that's another story.

Talk to you all soon.

nicholas, 2:34 AM


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Blogger Seva Alieva, at 2:36 AM  
Haha...that's some legendary shit right there. You're like a magnet for this kind of stuff. I've only managed to almost get arrested at borders and sit in a train car, designed for 18, with 50 or so Indians. Did you just say you slept in a trunk? Wow.

Blogger kent, at 4:50 AM  
Hahaha...I LOVE the river transportation system in your pics.......that's so awesome

Happy Thanksgiving BABY
Anonymous beth, at 10:36 PM  

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