Purchasing a Camel

Wednesday, November 16

For one they are so cute. I’ve been hanging around a lot of camels in India and have to say you’d be hard pressed to find an animal that is more relaxed and yet such a good conversationalist. Over the weekend I was in Pushkar to see the once a year camel festival with supposedly 200,000 people and 50,000 camels. While the numbers may have been somewhat questionable, there were still a ton of camels there. They were all dressed up in the fairs finest with red pompoms on their noses and patterns shaved and died into their fur.

I started bargaining for one just to find out the price, you can’t go to a camel fair and not shop around. I guess I picked out a cheap one for about 10, 000 Rp (about $300 CN). He seemed like a sturdy camel and I think he would do me nicely. In buying a camel I think it’s important to look for a few things.

  1. How tall is your camel? He will not respect you if you can’t look him in the eye.
  2. Are you looking for a camel with one hump or two? Consider your future family planning when making this decision as a young family can quickly outgrow a one hump camel.
  3. How much care has your camel taken in dressing up for the fair and having their hair done?
  4. How old is the camel? A camel can live up to 40 years but these are working camels and older ones should be cheaper than the strong young ones.
  5. Do you and your camel get along? Many people forget how important it is to have a good personality match with your camel. Don’t get home and realize that you picked the one who’s making loud noises like Chewbacca because he’s lonely.

Once you’ve picked out the camel for you, you’ll have years of enjoyment riding around the desert together. Good luck!

nicholas, 2:40 AM


Thanks for the advice.
Do you think you're going to buy a camel? Maybe fall in love? Get a little somethin somethin happening? Huh? yeah.
Anonymous Murray, at 7:43 AM  
I want a camel! he can sleep next to my fainting goat and duck that thinks i'm his mother - they can keep eachother company (thus avoiding those awful Chewbacca-esque cries)
Anonymous amanda, at 8:28 AM  
This is good advice man. Personality is key. Are you bringing a camel home with you? I would like that.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 9:53 AM  
Yep, I've picked out an nice one and named him clip-clop. Since I wont be home for awhile I had him sent to Seattle so Jeremy just look after him for a few months. He likes to be walked at night and will only sleep with the radio on. He'll be there in a couple of days. Thanks!
Blogger nicholas, at 8:44 PM  

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