A Rock Concert in Chandigarh? For Real?

Thursday, November 24

So last night I went to a rock show in Chandigarh. I know I laughed when I heard there was going to be one too but they actually pulled it off. It was part of a nationwide college battle of the bands that I think was sponsored by MTV India. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised that they had a real stage and if there was only beer gardens it could pass for a real concert.

The first few bands were very very very bad. They love their metal and hard rock in India but when the guy just screams into the mic for 20 minutes and his backup can barley play a guitar it wears a little thin. The last two bands of the night saved the show. They were the winner from Delhi and last years winner. I never thought I would see a mosh pit and people trying to crowd surf in Chandigarh but I swear it happened. They played a cover of Rage Against the Machine that brought the house down at the end which was sadly 10pm. None the less the concert changed my perception, now I know there is a young generation of Indians coming up who are learning how to party! Now if only they could get into alt rock.

On another musical note my friend just showed me this site and it’s very cool. You can create your own personalized streaming radio stations based on artists and songs that you like. For those long days at work it’s perfect –

nicholas, 9:04 PM


hey nicholas
happy birthday on sunday sweetpea
glad you had that rock concert
sounds interesting
Anonymous Kasia, at 10:22 AM  
Hola !
Glad to know you liked the concert( at least the effort that had been put in!).
I'd say the rock scene in chandigarh is not that hot, but if you head to the hills, say manali or even simla... its much more happening.
Pick up a copy of Rock Street Journal(RSJ) from any MusicWorld store for more info on the rock scene.
Anonymous Navjot, at 1:47 AM  

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