Went to the Doctor

Friday, November 11

It's been a long time since I've written, sorry about that. I know you were probably all missing me but I caught a nasty Indian flu. I though I was going to die for a couple of days well I was laying on my mattress on the floor with not even TV to entertain me but I'm feeling better now.

I went to the Doctor behind my office on the third day of sickness looking for some relief. It was $3 for a check up so I knew he had to be well qualified and probably top of his class. After a thorough check up of asking me a couple questions and taking my blood pressure the nurse came in with a thermometer. After a minute of talking in hindi the doctor said in english anywhere and shrugged. I was a little nervous wondering where that old school glass thermometer was going to end up but thankfully the cold little guy just went under my arm.

He seemed a little stumped by what I might have but this did not stop him from prescribing no less that five types of medication. After quickly explaining them to me and paying my $2.50 for my drugs I headed out the door. When I got back to work I realized that for my own safety I should probably look up the drugs he gave me on the internet and self medicate. Sure enough there was a heavy duty dose of some fever medication that is double what is allowable in the US so I'll skip that one. Then there was some antacid, not sure what that's for?, then some I couldn't find on the internet, don't think I'll take those. And finally some cold pills and antibiotics, guess I'll take them.

So now I am feeling much better and who knows maybe it was the Indian cocktail of drugs that cured me!
nicholas, 3:20 AM


feel better nicholas, and good thinking about the internet research!
Anonymous kasia, at 8:59 AM  
i'm always impressed with your resourcefulness.... good work with the internet. thank you for taking care of yourself and not dying on all of us.
Anonymous jill, at 10:27 PM  
sadly enough, i probably would have just popped the pills and prayed for salvation. i guess that's why i'm still in school while you have successfully graduated....
Anonymous amanda, at 8:29 AM  

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