I think I'll be ridiculously good looking for a living

Friday, December 9

I figure I better just put this photo on the web before someone else does because I know there are many copies of it floating around. But here's my explanation for it.

Traveling in India is hard work. Buses are uncomfortable and the roads make it almost impossible to sleep. I haven't ridden on many trains yet but the train to Shimla above was not that comfortable either. We'll just say this photo captures what traveling in India is all about. Being dirty, hung over, tiered, sweaty and falling asleep with your head half way out the window and yet still getting off for another adventure.

I guess the unbelievable amount of whiskey I drank the night before helped me dose off for awhile. Damn I'm hot!
nicholas, 4:32 AM


you look relgiously doped out man! you remind me of Che Guevara without the beard!! (a revolution is on the cards people)
Blogger Insouciant, at 5:01 AM  
What the?

Anyways, travelling in India is hard work and it takes a lot of flat-out talent to look good doing it.

If I were you, I'd keep your phone on because the modelling agencies are gonna come calling.
Blogger kent, at 8:17 PM  
is that dirt or a tan? cause you know, a tan during a canadian winter ensures a high hotness quotient. looking good my man!
Anonymous amanda, at 7:57 AM  
Hey nic!....i know that feeling...i look like it now...i had the strangest birthday weekend and made up for all those spent doing finals. AND I met your future wife...She's 28 hot like god, from paris but lives in london and was the only girl hot enough to get herself into this crazy gaybar with out a penis, a tan , and a hot set of pecs(although hers were great;))...From a travel weary friend (PS-Ive found out that travel weary is censore talk for hungover/burnedout/anddontknowenoughotherslangforothersuchsimilarconditions)
Blogger SANDOMAN, at 5:05 PM  
Lookin fine brother!
Anonymous Jeremy, at 12:17 AM  

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