Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, My Birthday in India

Friday, December 2

I feel so old. I turned 23 a few days ago on Nov 27 but being in India the party was on Indian time and happened just last night. Actually there were two other people who had birthdays in the same week so we combined for a huge bash in a Canadian Consulate Mansion. Thanks to Samantha for hosting the party and showing me the first place that felt like a real house in India. When I walked in the door immediatley I was amazed. There was real furniture. Couches, chairs and brand new appliances in the kitchen including a microwave and a toaster. I toast my bread on a fork over the flame of our gas stove. It gives it a nice propane flavour that really goes well with strawberry jam.

There were carpets on the floor that I swear were thicker than my matress is and furniture that is actually comfortable. So after all the drooling, mainly over the fact that there was a fully functional kitchen in the city we proceeded to party. I got some great presents including a belaclava for the cold winter up here and to hold up some chai stands, a toy gun to fend off rickshaw drivers the next time they throw rocks through our windows and the soundtrack to DUC. If you have not seen this movie yet (chances are you haven't) you should head to your local hindi movie store and get it. Half the movie takes place in Calgary and there are some lumber jack assasins that get their asses kicked by some Indian cops out by Canmore and a dramatic flashback scene to a German restaraunt in the middle of nowhere near Banff getting robbed by some young punks. It's a very bad movie but has great sentimental value for me becuase it was the first hindi movie I saw in Chandigarh.

So as the night went on we were feeling a little bad for the guard who sits in a little booth in front of the house all night protecting us for not much of anything. So a few of us headed out and he kindly invited us into his booth. It was actually pretty nice in there with a little heater and a fan. He's 22 years old and is married with a four month old son. He asked if I was married and I said I'm way too young but then realized that's kind of relative I guess. We had a nice chat and I made him some chai that for some reason turned out red but he was polite and drank it anyway.

As the party in the Canadian mansion wound down my 36-C house mates (aka dirty sexy which is what is sounds like in an indian accent) headed for home. Of course the party didn't end there. We had whiskey and water at home, the traditional Indian drink so Mads and I stupidly played last man standing when we got home. I guess it's a Danish game and the only ruld I could make out was drink till you drop. We stayed up way too late and today is the toughest day at work ever. I made the usual "I'll never drink again!" promise this morning but I know that Indian whiskey is just too tempting and I'll break it soon. All in all a nice birthday party despite the headache which I think is worse now that I'm 23.
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23! hah!
you're old like me
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