Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 4

Well I had a lovely new years forgetting what day it is laying on the beach in Palolem in Goa. I practically forgot that it was new years except for the crowds at night. Palolem is the most laid back place I've ever been. It takes at least an hour to get anything you order so when in urgent need of a beer it's best to just go to the bar and get it yourself. Mads and I were getting mad at it the first day and he want to talk to our waiter after waiting 1 1/2 hr for a chicken sandwich. The guy just said, "yeah, everyone waits that long" and the food came 20 min later. It was a great introduction to the paralyzing state of relaxation that is Palolem. Its amazing how fast I became desensitized and the 2 1/2 hr wait for our food on new years eve seemed completly acceptable.

New Years was good times with three or four parties in front of different restaurants down the beach. Each one had it's own special moments including at all of them some Indian guys getting into fights. The best was at the first one when a guy right behind us was suddenly thrown to the ground and kicked in the head. He got up and fought back splashing some blood on Mads and my shirts before being thrown down towards the ocean by some big guys. Two minutes later he was back fighting with a nice guy in a Santa hat that had Merry Christmas written on it who was selling drugs at the party. Ahhh, good times always come from mixing foriegn girls and some drunk locals. Of course the night ended late at a rave in a cove around the bay and I woke up the next morning / afternoon back in my beach hut with a big cut on my toe. Not sure how that happened?

But we had to break out of our comatose state and get a bus to Hampi, unfortunately all the nice deluxe buses were sold out so as per a few travel agents advice we took the local bus. As usual the times they told us for buses were totally wrong leaving Mads and I in Karwar, a little dusty town that we have renamed the ghetto, overnight in a hotel I am sure used to be a prison. I was literally eaten alive by something, either mosquito's or something from the mattress so after another 10 hours on a public bus stopping in every little town on the way to Hampi I was in desperate need of some anti itch cream.

Hampi was worth the visit though and I'm getting back into relaxation mode after watching a bad movie at a restaurant last night, walking around some ruins and having a long lunch overlooking banana plantations and a beautiful river.

Hope you all had an exciting new years and enjoy the start of a brand new start in 2006!
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Hey Ya

Good to know You were in goa on New Years'...I am sure you had loadsafun.

This blog sure is a "Reality Check --India is In your face" but I Love the honesty and the ...well ...perspective..

C u when you get here..and get the hhell out before the sun enters the northern hemisphere....Frying Ur canadian ass<<<>>>

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