Hyderabad, bad, naughty!

Tuesday, January 17

Partying in India never disappoints whether it's three people standing around my old house dancing to rap music at 4 am or a car full leaving Hyderabad and driving into the wilderness to find what seemed to be a mythical club.

We got into Hyderabad at 8 am after miraculously managing to get some sleep on the 12 hour bus ride from Bangalore. The bus itself set the mood for the weekend with red, blue and green lights inside and cranking out hindi music so loud that I couldn't drown it out even with my ipod on full volume.

We got into Hyderabad and went straight to the Monster office to meet my friend Aman from back in Chandigarh. The office was in the middle of a posh looking neighborhood with a mix of huge houses and little shacks. After heading to his place for a shower we set out to do all the tourist things in the city like eating biriyani, visiting charminar ... and finishing off with beers sitting by the lake before heading to a club. As usual they claimed it was 1,000Rp charge to get in but miraculously when the group of trainees from Hyderabad showed up with a bunch of girls, we walked in for free and proceeded to get free drinks. The club was actually nice too and we smoked apple tobacco from big pipes and danced to trance which seemed to be the theme for the night.

It wasn't long before the cops showed up and at 12:00 sharp shut down the bar. After much deliberation over what might still be open / let us in we packed into the back of a car and headed for Treasure Island. The DJ from the club was with us and claimed it would be great and he could get us in. When I lost feeling in my legs and outside the car window it was deserted brush, I started to wonder if this was worthwhile. Finally we drove through a gate and 4 guys made us all get out of the cars. Next thing I know we were in for free and walking on a bridge over a swimming pool towards fires and a fenced in DJ area. It should like it's great right, however as with so many parties in India, no one was there. What do you expect from a resort / club 45 min outside the city in the middle of nowhere. I wonder sometimes about the business plans that people come up with here. A total of about 40 people in an area big enough for 2,000 danced and drank and made special requests to the DJ's who ignored them and played trance all night long. It was ridiculous and I loved it. Plus I got to see two girls from Montreal I had met in Goa again. I gotta say some people, like them, really hold up our Canadian stereotype because they are some of the friendliest people I've met in India.

A rickshaw ride and an hour later we finally got home and climbed the fence into my friends place since the gate was locked. This turned out to be a bad decision as we found out the next morning when the landlord asked him to move out because of it. I hope it was just some strange anger management issues that will pass but landlords here can be very strange and parental for some reason.

Now I'm back in Bangalore enjoying some western lifestyle and meeting with some companies so next time I'll give you the Bangalore update.
Ahhh a monster got Mads!

nicholas, 12:58 AM


Hey Ya

I absolutely looove the "canadian Stereotype" You surely are the most friendly !

And you are a great ambassador of that Nick.

No worries about the Flat... I will work out somethin..maybe he will let me stay..With more military regulations and parental control(they actually called us that day in the mornin to find out if we were ok, and didnt know till 10 we were home).

Anyways, I had a GREEAAT time...thanks to you guys and thanks partly to the weirdness that engulfs whenever we get together... and better luck to Mads nextime around ;)

I am still.. Iam still Jean(ny) from the block
Used to have a little , now have a lot..

Keep Kickin Man!
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 11:14 PM  
Small world when you are bored at work and clicking randomly on people's blog links. I came across this! Sounds like you are having an awesome time in India filled with lots of really fun and fuzzy memories. Keep up the good work. I wish I could get a half decent chai in the Czech Republic, but luckily the beer is cheap!
Blogger Aruna, at 6:40 AM  
Hi Nick,
It Was an awesome experience going thru all your previous entries. I hope you put up THE TRUTH about bangalore soon, and make sure mads is the cantre of attraction. Otherwise .... I'll have to do it.
Take care buddy.
See ya sometime again
(From Bangalore)
Blogger Cruel Intentions, at 11:14 PM  

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