It Touches My Heart

Monday, January 23

This post is a farewell to my friend who I've lived with, worked with and traveled with for the past 6 months. We went through a rough patch over that whole Hans Island thing but not even a cold Arctic island that our countries (Denmark and Canada) were fighting over could keep us apart.

We've spent way to much time together partying, doing a hugely overambitious project at work our last week and some how we never killed each other. I'll miss ya. Have fun with family and friends back in Copenhagen. Hope I see you again soon!

Que soundtrack ... I know it touches my heart too!

nicholas, 4:39 AM


What, you guys didn't get married?

You two were basically the man in Chandigarh. I could always count on you for a party.

Best of luck Mads. And, Nick, are you sure you'll be able to cope now?

And please stay away from those masala burgers.
Blogger kent, at 8:22 AM  
Whose havin the twins?

And by the way good luck with getting back to your old straight selves ;).

Nick, I have such a strong feeling you wont stick around without your beloved, French women notwithstanding.

And Thanks for a Great Weekend both of you, I had a blast.

Some other continent- Some Other time -Some other beer

Cheers to the REAL PARTY GUYS(You sure know how to bring the house down)!!!

Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 2:56 AM  

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