Back in Punjab and Goodbye India

Tuesday, February 28

It's strange to pull into a city in India and have it feel homey but after two months away it felt like that pulling into Chandigarh. It was nice to be back in the Punjab or at least the UT where I quickly remembered how ridiculously expensive rickshaws are in Chandigarh. It was a nostalgic visit with my favorite paneer tikka butter masala and naan from Kumars in sector 37. I took all of 2 minutes for me to be joined by three guys who work at an IBM call center who proceeded to tell me about all their friends in Canada and how one of them was planning to move there in three months, yep, back in Punjab!

Thanks to Jean and Nacho I had a great sleep and woke up to the nostalgic sound of the polyphonic silent night that is the reverse noise for so many annoying little cars here. So bright and early I went to the FRO office to check out thinking that I'd find it fast since I've already been there twice and both times had a nice tour of the neighborhood getting wrong directions from people. I was wrong and realised at the first wrong building it was a problem. Wrong directions were again given by two people but luckily I recognized the fortified barbed wired building after 2 tries and got everything taken care of. It's hilarious because my papers were literally sitting in a file in a drawer where I'm sure they have been since I gave them to the office 7 months ago.

So now I'm back in Delhi and to kill time I've been actually responding to people who try to sell me stuff and ended up having a nice chai with a guy from Kashmir who owns a shop just off the Main Bazzar.

On that note farewell India. I'm off to Hong Kong ridiculously early so goodnight and good bye. It was good, It was bad and I have scars (especially on the inside) to prove it but I know she hits me cause she loves me. Check back soon to see if India and I are breaking up or just seeing other people.
nicholas, 8:19 AM


Wow, Nick. Two months is up already?

Definitely some good times, eh?

We'll have to hit up Tandoori Hut when you get back and see if that Kiren guy made it.

Have a good flight back, if that's even possible.
Blogger kent, at 9:11 AM  
Hey Nicholas,
you're always welcome back in 38 – we also get the polyphonic 'We wish you a merry Christmas' from the front side of the's great surround sound Christmas tunes to wake you up every morning!

Enjoy your travels back & great seeing you again!
Blogger Jean, at 9:57 PM  
All the best!
Blogger ryan101, at 10:31 PM  
It was a great coincidence that you ended up on the seat next to mine, who would have known.

Cheers to a great office mate!

And Good Luck for all your future endeavors.


P.S.---I am glad Chandigarh gave you the homely feeling!
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 4:34 AM  
And even bigger coincidence that all of us ended up on seats next to each other......

Cheers to all the good times......

and I'm sute u r missing sanjay :-)

Good luck n God bless you

See Ya in Canada (like all punjabis say :-0)
Blogger < 22 degree >, at 9:47 AM  
It has been a pleasure knowing you mate, though for a very very brief period of time.

Enjoyed readin your blog and looking forward to more of it.

Keep in touch...

Blogger Cruel Intentions, at 12:32 AM  
Yeah well, i never realisd, The roadside chai for 2-3 rupees mst be the best. Nd tht kumar rasoi in 37, well i wonder if u ever tried der 'jwala rice'? Its ownd by a close frnd of mine.
Blogger * ÅB BåB¥ *, at 9:51 PM  

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