Bored and waiting for a train

Sunday, February 12

Well I'm bored and waiting for a train. Chennai had been abit boring actually. Not much to see or do in the city that I've run across. The sites were less than stellar and the city itself is a large mess of dirty old streets and a couple of churches. While the rickshaw driver I had touring me around claimed that the beach I saw is the second biggest in Asia I found it tough to enjoy having just crossed a river that fed into the bay. The river, while not unlike any other Indian river, was filled with garbage but it also had a very strange smell. I think it was a mix of chemical wate and sewage, also not unlike everyother river in India, but in any case it kind of killed the mood at the beach.

Fort St. George was interesting to see with British and French memorabilia on display. It was a major British fort and apparently the French took it at one point in one of their many wars. Half of the fort is offlimits though as with many forts in India because the military has decided to use it as a barracks and training facility. I was trying to find the oldest Anglican church in India which is inside the fort and no less than three times did army officers blow whisles at me a wave that I was some where I shouldn't be. Not a big deal but stop pointing that gun in my direction hey. After finding the church it turns out that it's complely ripped up for renovations so not much to see.

The best thing about Chennai is that unlike other places in the South, they don't seem to get many tourists so I'm a celebrity again. I had a family who might as well have been sitting in the bleachers at a cricket game watching me eat a dosa for breakfast today, a guy at the art museum followed me around and talked to me in broken hindi-english and when I relaxed and read the paper in a garden a guy came and stood right by me reading over my shoulder for awhile before popping the question, "What country?". Feels good to be famous again. I'm not sure my ego can take going home.
nicholas, 6:42 AM


Don't worry, Nick, there is plenty of ego massage awaiting you when you get back. Trust me.
Blogger kent, at 7:28 PM  
Happy Valentines Day, Nick.
Blogger kent, at 9:14 AM  
Hey You Still surviving it man....
R E S P E C T!

Which reminds me, what happened about the school plans?

And Yeah..Happy Valentines Day ;)
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