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Saturday, February 25

Location: up the lane from the green hotel with a yoga teacher
Rating: */5

So being in Rishikesh I decided that I have to try a yoga class. I don't think any self respecting person can come here and not at least try a class. I asked around for a beginner class and ended up in the basement of a hotel that smelled like a barn, waiting for a yoga teacher. He came late but apologized that he had another class and couldn't teach me. Great, ok so they called another guy who came 2 hours later. A very nice old man who spoke broken english and I was excited because he seemed like a great guy and even promised that he does not charge to teach because it is not the way of yoga. While I was also initially sceptical he actually stuck to it!

The let down however was my misunderstanding of yoga. I thought we'd get right to doing some streching and a light workout. Nope, turns out I have to understand the essentials of yoga first. This proved to be rather difficult as apparently the essentials are written in a book in sanskrit and my teacher could barley speak english. Two hours later I understood the seven major elements of yoga and mediatation (I think?), had a chai that I'm sure was instant powder with the teacher and went on my way. At least I tried.

Also if you're in Rishikesh, get a shave at the barber shop halfway down the main street in Swarg Ashram area. The posters of "Male Therapy Treatments" and "New Hair Cutting Styles" are priceless. Really, I tried to buy one off the guy but he wouldn't sell. I'm particularily glad to see that the 6 inch mullet, perms and huge glam rock hair for men and going to be the next raging styles across India if these hair dressers have anything to say about it!
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AB had a national award in yoga....

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