Problems with Authority

Sunday, February 19

My day started innocently walking around the polo grounds and being invited to spontaneous cricket games that seem to pop up on every patch of grass, gravel or road on Sunday's. I caught a few stragglers finishing the Kolkata Marathon, congrads to Bimal Mahato who finished in an impressive 2.23.11 on a warm day and a city filled with dust and pollution, impressive.

Anyway my first run in with authority was when I had wandered all the way back to the Horwah bridge and decided to take a walk over it and get a few photos of the flower market from above and the impressive view of the river below. It took all of 30 seconds and 2 photos before a cop was on me tapping my shoulder with his big stick to get my attention. Apparently photos of the bridge are not allowed, opppps. I swear this photo is off the internet and not taken by me, please don't hit me.

So then I wandered around for awhile watching a couple street cricket games before heading back to Park Street. Somewhere I got a little lost and ended up in front of what I guess it the police headquarters. I tried to walk down the road and was quickly whistled at by the guards in their sandbagged machine gun positions saying that the road was closed. Mmmm, k so, finally I made it to the gardens around the Victoria memorial where I was so excited to settle on the nice lush grass and read my new modern history of India book when again whistles were blowing at me. The guard rushed over and was frantically pointing at my sandals I had taken off and my bag and at the grass. Finally I understood that people are not allowed on the grass in the park (which is almost all grass and a few walkways). While that was about all the authority I could handle for the day so I settled back on a bench at the park and watched the guard whistle at at least one person every 2 minutes for the next 2 hours. It's strangely relaxing watching the blind enforcement of rules in India, it could actually be a sport I think.

Well I'm off to find chai as my level is getting dangerously low. The temperature above one of the metro stations said 40c this afternoon and I was having trouble getting in the mood for hot chai but now that night is here I have to stock up.
nicholas, 5:23 AM


I had some issues with authority outside the Writers' Building at BBD Bagh. I did get some good pics of the flower market and howrah bridge, though. I think the key is to take the pics before you reach the police outpost.

One thing I do remember reading before coming to India was that taking pictures of bridges is bad news. Who knows who you could end up selling them to, eh?
Blogger kent, at 2:33 PM  
40 degrees ..Man You kidding me?

What is it with you and armed men pointing guns at you?

Is it that energy?

Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 8:56 PM  
Nice bumping into you in Sarnath today, was shocked i couldn't remember your name for a moment. I was just thinking it couldn't be you in this place. Good to c u.
Blogger Marty4, at 3:04 AM  

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