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Thursday, March 16

Sorry to my faithful following, I am back in Canada and I've had the craziest weeks since being back. I haven't been in the same place for more than five days for almost 3 months now and I have kept up the pace in Canada. Once I got my feet on the ground in Kelowna I had a day to do laundry and wash the smell of India out of my clothes before packing up again and hitting the road for an 11 hour drive to Edmonton. Of course it snowed the whole way and Edmonton which was beautiful the week before was now -15c with about a foot of snow. I love winter though. There's something about it that just freezes time and makes everything slow down.

Edmonton was almost like I never left. Some of my friends were still there and I hit up West Ed, the biggest mall in the world to pick up a new pair of jeans. The mall seems a little over the top and rediculous but I love that there is a water park, submarines, a replica of Columbus' ship, a roller coaster, an ice rink, two movie theaters, a hotel, flamingos, and every single store you could ever want. Mmmmm, rampant consumerism, it's nice to be back home.

First on my Edmonton stop was trying to surprise my friend Beth Arrison at her cd release party for her first cd, "Modest Charms". It was a great show at an old jazz club, The Yardbird Suite. Her sets were amazing and her choice of covers inspired with Rufus Wainrights' Poses, Leonar Cohens' Hallalujeh, Girl from Ipinema and a Beck song I don't know the name of. I have to update her website once I stop moving for a day or two but her cd is great (hopefully this week). You'll be able to buy it off the website soon when I get my shit together,

On Saturday I slept in after crawling around in the snow from bar to bar. Then it was time for what I consider one of my favourite Alberta times with my friend Sando. Driving down the highway to a dance show with snow blowing all around lisening to music so loud you end up singing along to Sigur Ros.Edmonton still feels like home and I miss my friends like crazy. It was nice to see you all and congrads Andrea on your engagement!

Then it was one day skiing back in Kelowna, I know I look like a pro in this photo thanks to my Dad's great photography skills. Now I'm in Seattle for a couple weeks of rest and relaxation with my hospitable brother. Hahaha, no acutally I have to find a job, fun I know!
nicholas, 10:48 AM


Hey Nick!

Great for a first post from home. and I must say that first image looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Downloading the music form Beth's site as I post, She will have some Indian fan following soon I guess.

Good to know you are back in your element, and happy hunting ;).

Go get 'em tiger!

"Migrant Labor Rants from Nawabs Biryani Land"
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 4:33 AM  
You went to edmonton and didn't stop in Calgary? I'm hurt.

When are you gonna get your lazy ass up here? We have the tandoori hut to go to.
Blogger kent, at 11:37 AM  
Thanks Man,

Check out Beths website in a few days and I should have it updated. Working on embedding a flash mp3 streamer so you can hear the new cd while you look at the site. And it will be more search engine friendly!
Blogger nicholas, at 11:40 AM  
Search Engine friendly...lmao..

Maybe She should rank for "best newcomer of the year" or something :P
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 8:52 PM  

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