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Sunday, March 26

A week in Seattle and I was starting to wonder what this city was all about besides tourists and drug dealers around Pike Market and a seemingly endless choice of art galleries and furniture stores around my brother loft. I took a trip to the suburbs but they looked like any other suburb in North America. I have to say thought beggars on the street here know how to do it and should hold training classes in India. There are guys singin motown songs acapella, waving cardboard signs that say SMILE and if you say you don't have spare change they generally say, "That's cool have a good night." These tactics could go over well in India and I'm thinking of starting a consulting business on "The Art of Friendly Begging".

So after being somewhat disappointed with the city it's now starting to grow on me. The turning point was last night when after a hot chocolate from the original Starbucks store, my brother Jeremy and I walked up to Paramount Theatre to see The New Pornographers and Belle and Sebastian. The theatre itself is fantastic with big old chandeliers hanging from the gold walls and ceiling. We were on the floor about 10 feet from stage and surrounded by the hip indie kids and adults. There were enough converse sneakers to pile to the roof and I loved every second of it. The New Pornographers who if you didn't know are from Vancouver and kick ass. Electric Versions, their first
cd is still my favourite and despite lacking Neko Case, their co lead singer the concert was great.

I was set to be a little disappointed by Belle and Sebastian because they just didn't seem like they would be a good live band but damn was I wrong. The set got off on the right foot when they walked out and said, "So how is everyone feeling tonight? Sexy, good, well we'll try to play some sexy numbers for ya." Remember this is with a Scottish accent. The show was great and just when it started to slow down they almost started a riot with "I'm a Cuckoo".

The concert and the people at it made me think that Seattle may have more to offer but I'll have to dig to find it. A women wearing a pin stripe suit with a
mohawk seemed to say, there's more to this place then yuppy software developers. I'm going searching today so I'll let you know what I find.
nicholas, 1:08 PM


Yuppy software developers :)!
I thought it rained and rained in seattle , if there's more i am keenly watching.
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