Blogsmetic Surgery

Thursday, May 4

I've not had a ton to do lately with resumes floating around and me waiting for eager calls. So I've decided to tackle the long awaited Cosmetic Surgery on my blog. She has held up well and her rugged good looks suited my writing from India but now that I'm back I felt she needed a more elegant face for the world. And before my Mom gets mad at me for being sexist and assuming my blog was female I will add that actually I decided she was to be a she. Something about a voyeuristic diary seems feminine to me so my blog is a female though I'm still working in her name.

Anyway, I took a nice template and made some careful incisions with my recently developed photoshop and CSS skills. I pulled back the forehead abit, fixed the nose, abit of lipo and sent her to the tanning salon. I realize that this metaphor is getting freaky but I was thinking about NipTuck a lot today for some reason.

I think she's come back looking fairly good. I'm particularity excited about the implants that have made the menu much more busty with a weekly chart of what I've been listening to on my iTunes from
LastFM and some deviantART of the day.

Let me know what you think but watch your comments she's very sensitive about her looks.
nicholas, 10:14 PM


Wow, CSS layers and browser incompatability have driven me insane and I'm checking into an institution to seek help.
Blogger nicholas, at 11:28 AM  
Talk to Johanna...she knows what's up. It's all about the different margins, i'm told.

It looks good, other than the people in the background may be a bit too dark. I have to strain my poor, indianized (punishing UV rays, smoke, exhaust, etc.) eyes something fierce. You could also make the text bolder.

I'll be in Kelowna on Tuesday. What is your number? (Don't worry, I'm not trying to pick you up...haha).
Blogger kent, at 11:43 PM  
yeah, it works great in firefox but I realized yesterday that not so great in IE, I hate you IE! Might have to try a new layout.
Blogger nicholas, at 11:58 AM  
font size!!
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 2:43 AM  
Yep, I'll be reevaluating this blog design in the next couple of days so don't worry it will be better soon.
Blogger nicholas, at 12:30 PM  

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