Creation, And Then There Was Yeast!

Monday, May 8

With my spare time recently I've taken to the kitchen in a big way. A couple of days ago I went a little crazy and made four loaves of whole wheat bread and started on a sourdough. I came across the recipe when I was flipping through one of my favorite cookbooks by Jamie Oliver trying to figure out how to use up the lemons that my mom keeps buying because they're pretty. The dough actually takes 5 days to make so I was pretty excited to try it because I have a strange affinity to doing things that are hard. We're at day 3 already and like the recipe says it's old school bread, practically biblical.

On the first day I said, "Let there be yeast", and there was yeast. Not just any yeast but yeast from the clean clear Kelowna air. The recipe has you set the dough outside for an hour to gather yeast and who knows what else from the air. If you're in India I wouldn't suggest putting the dough outside though, not sure what would happen to the bread if exposed to that much pollution. I think some freaky mutant sourdough that could walk might be created.

On the second day I did nothing and the dough was happy.

On the third day I said, "let there be water and a handful of flour" and there was water and a handful of four. The whole thing is smelling abit like beer so I've definitely created life. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll create mountains and seas for my little sourdough and then start tempting the yeast with more sugar to see if they bite the apple but we'll see.
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