Creation, And There was Bread

Thursday, May 11

It's been exhausting playing God to my little sourdough but finally it's over and he has slid out unto the world to be eaten.

Day 4, I did nothing and the dough was happy.

Day 5, I was supposed to add more flour but instead I drank beer with Kent. Some creator I am.

Day 6, I added flour and water to my yeasty starter and shaped it into a loaf. The shape it will have for all of it's days.

Day 7, I looked unto the dough and it was good and ready to be cooked. It took an hour of intense heat and trial but the dough emerged a loaf and looked unto its creator and it was good.

nicholas, 2:38 PM


wow,I didn't know you were such a homely guy! You should make real Chapa-ti next time!
Anonymous Tomoe, at 7:14 AM  
Yeah, I'm sooo homely. Too bad it doesn't seem as much of a selling point guys in Canada as it is for women in India.
Blogger nicholas, at 12:45 PM  
Hahaha, indeed.

Looks like a solid loaf of bread. When you come up, we'll have a bread bake-off. Not the most conventional of activities, but I think it'd be fun.
Blogger kent, at 2:11 PM  
hellooooo nick,

good work on that bread! it looks fab!

I believe that you should rethink the colours of this blog--just a thought!!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:26 AM  

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