Happy Mothers Day

Tuesday, May 16

Mothers Day is always a special treat and this is the first time in years that I've actually been with my Mom for the special day. I admit, I'm awful with dates but luckily the commercial world as always was there to remind me with sales and specials that mothers day was coming.

I spent a lovely day with my Mom started by a homemade breakfast because turns out the place we were going to go for breakfast takes reservations on mothers day, ooppppps! I think it worked alright and it was topped off with red wine poached pears with goat cheese on the patio, mmmmm!

My Mom wanted to go and check out the Kelowna arts fest that was on downtown so off we went. I was a little disappointed by the fest but the food was great. So while the morning started with class it quickly descended into grease.

We rented a movie to finish off the day and of course my Mom took the opportunity to rent something I had vetoed during many rental negotiations before. It was only later she reminded me that Jennifer Lopez and Robert Redford were in the movie which led to a long discussion about how Bart the bear who's also in the movie might eat them. To my disappointment he didn't but it was a surprisingly good movie even though Bart went hungry.

Anyway Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms out there!
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Red wine poached pears with goat cheese? Damn. Time to move to a place where women our age respect cooking.
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