I'm Thinkin About You Mumbai

Wednesday, July 12

Mumbai was one of my favorite cities in India. It is more than any other city in the country a world city. Like Toronto, New York or London, Mumbai is filled with people from all over it's own country and from around the world looking for the opportunities that only mega cities provide. The city embraces it's colonial past but has created an urban feeling that is all it's own. While shanty towns surround the city it is these people who make it run. From wandering the hanging gardens, sunset on Chowpatty beach and just walking along the peninsula it's a great city that everyone should visit.

I was very sad to hear that once again there was a senseless terror attack in India and again in Mumbai. My friends were telling me that they thought it was strange that India was attacked but I told them about how there is actually a terror attack of some kind in India at least once a month but we don't often hear about them. It's heart breaking to think about all the people killed and injured in any terror attack but in India where attacks are frequent and will likely lead to some form of retribution it's doubly sad. I've read that Mumbai has had some trouble times lately even before the attacks with fundamentalists stirring up trouble but I know the city will get through it. Anyway this is just note to say I'm thinking about you Mumbai.

nicholas, 9:26 PM


Maximum city! whether its floods or "bandhs"(whats that) or terror, Bombay is still the grid...cheers
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 1:31 AM  
I really wish I would've seen the city a lot better than I did...great sandwiches outside the train station, though.

It's crazy to think that I, you and other people we know, were on one of those trains.
Blogger kent, at 8:48 AM  
Yeah, Mumbai was my favourite city... and i know first hand how packed those trains are - rush hour or otherwise - i was nose to nose standing when i took the train there.
Blogger ryan101, at 10:28 AM  

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