The Long Weekend

Monday, July 10

Last weekend ended up being a long weekend for me which was exactly what I needed after last weeks break and enter and then hearing I didn't get a job that I desperately wanted. It was a spontaneous weekend which grew out of my aunt calling to let me know she was going to Calgary to visit my cousins and my brother and his family from Hong Kong who were visiting. So I got off making muffins early and jumped in the big caddy and we were off to Calgary. We arrived just in time for a huge hail storm and a glass of wine before the kids woke up.

It was a fun family night with my nephews and cousins trying to play nice in a giant inflatable castle (yes I did get in for a jump)

The next day after being mercilessly beaten by my little nephews playing playstation I hoped the unbelievably crowded Stampeded C-train to get to my Indian buddy Kent's place. I was running on Indian time an hour late and I think I made Kent get a sun burn standing in the sun waiting for me. Nonetheless he we grabbed beer and he had chicken tikka and some sweet Indian tunes waiting for me.

After being drunk at 4 in the afternoon I had to go to bed early before having a free Stampede breakfast at the Coop and heading to Red Deer.

I found my friend Mandy (again I was late) and we started off and the quintesenssial summer drive in Alberta down gravel roads sourounded by canola fields looking for a lake. Gull Lake turned out to be a night around the camp fire with beer and BBQ. After a round of bachi ball I realized this whole weekend was a truly Canadian event.

I got me thinking about what I've been told while traveling, that family is less important in North America than other places in the world like India or China. I've decided I'm not sure it's true. We have the luxury of not having to be closely tied to our families if we don't want to be but that's because of the economics of the whole thing. After spending the weekend with my family and seeing hundreds of other families out I think family is just as important here as anywhere there are just fewer obligations tied to being family.

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hmmm, nice insight nick...
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