The Sad Tail of a Break and Enter

Saturday, July 1

So this hasn't been the greatest week ever. Actually it was alright generally except for Wednesday. I got home from work and put my key in the lock completely oblivious while contemplating the lyrics to a Sufjan Stevens song that was on my ipod (which thank Shiva I had with me). So I turned the key and the lock was open, that's when I noticed the crowbar marks on the door frame and I was like, crap, we got robbed. So I pushed open the door and looked around. Put on my macho face, if you haven't seen it I assure you it's very intimidating. With keys in fist I headed in to check it out pushing open doors including closets and the shower curtain because I think that's where I'd hide. No one was there luckily but neither was some of our stuff.

When my room mate got home we made our list which included digital cameras, laptop, jewelry, shorts and socks... Guess they were stocking up for summer but I'm pissed about the socks because they were nice dry fit athletic ones.

Anyway I've decided to pretend that it was a super poor person who had to feed their kids and 2 dogs that way in my head it's like a Robin Hood story except they didn't know we're not rich. If they knew they stole from a poor kid who just got back from India and a second year law student (aka been paying for university for 6 years) I think they probably would have felt bad.

So if anyone hears about a cheap laptop or digital cameras for sale around whyte ave let me know because I'll need to do some ass kicking. And by that I mean I'd call the cops.
nicholas, 10:24 AM


I'll definitely keep my out for your indestructible's hard to miss.

Are you able to come down here next week? Or are you too busy at the muffin factory?
Blogger kent, at 9:02 AM  
I'm pretty poor right now so I should probably work rather than go to Calgary and spend money. I'll think about it and let ya know.
Blogger nicholas, at 6:21 PM  
Ok, thinking is definitely a step. Let me know how that turns out.
Blogger kent, at 8:53 AM  
Ohhh Man! i thought people didn't lock doors in canada?
Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 2:50 AM there's a stereotype. For the most part, we don't lock our doors while we're in the house, but we definitely do when we leave.
Blogger kent, at 10:02 PM  
Oh my God!!! Or, I should say, Oh my Shiva!!

at least they weren't there when you got there, or else they might have tried to hurt you.

that really sucks. I don't know what to say.

with both global warming and the recent robbings of three of my friends, I am losing faith in the world.

and I don't care if it was someone poor. we are all poor and we don't steal things!!

it's enough to make a girl (or boy) really pissed!!!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:22 AM  
I was going to scare you, but I couldn't bring myself to do it :)

I'm just curious as to how the rest of your week has been, and since Anders is the worst gay boyfriend ever, I had to do a bit of recon work (okay, he's really not the worst gay boyfriend ever, but I'm still stealthy). I enjoyed the blog about the muffin man, but I have to you make cookies too?

And so, seeing as this has been sufficiently awkward, perhaps you should e-mail me sometime? If you so care to...

Anonymous Meagan, at 6:52 PM  

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