Wednesday, July 26

With my one year anniversary of leaving for India coming up in a few days I've been thinking longingly of the country. When I left I never thought I would, not that I didn't love my time there but I was done and ready to move on. But like people say, India gets into you (in more ways than your stomach) and makes you miss the adventures and the insanity of diversity and seemingly endless inconsistencies that begin to make sense the longer you stay.

So with my thinking about India I decided to rent Deepa Mehta's film, Water .

After making a splash when they first tried to film it in India and caused riots and death threats the movie was almost dropped but in 2004 they went off to Sri Lanka to film. I guess that explains when the supposedly 1930's holy town on the Ganges looked more like a modern day, clean mock up of Varanasi. Despite some of the set looking a little to clean and contrived the movie was amazing and Lisa Ray, a Canadian who plays one of the main characters, was heart breakingly beautiful.

The movie is the story of a group of hindu widows who are ostracized from Indian society with Ghandi's rise in 1930's India as the backdrop. It's a fantastic movie and I read it will be coming out in India around diwali. It's gonna be a controversial movie in India I'm sure. Maybe even more than the DaVinci Code (haha). For one there's no singing or dancing and the controversial stuff actually happens in India unlike say, Salam Namaste where audiences could easily brush off topics like abortion and premarital sex because it's set in Australia.

So if you're in Canada I know you can rent it and if you're in India watch for it in a few months and let me know how you like it and how you think Indian audiences will respond.
nicholas, 8:40 PM


Its been an year , man!(lets the drum rolls begin)

yeah it create some noise here when it was attempted to be made. Salaam namaste :P
hahaha nick... u took some memories home mate!

Blogger 30.45 N,76.48 E, at 4:50 AM  
I think the same filmmaker made two other movies in the "Four Natural Elements" series...Earth and Fire.

I'm in a South Asian history class and we got to watch Mangal Pandey: The Rising...we also talked about Deepa Mehta and her 3 movies. Apparently we're watching Ghandi next week or the week after...what a great class.
Blogger kent, at 3:06 PM  
I just finished watching this movie about a half an hour ago. funny! all of us red deerites have our minds connected.

this movie was beautiful and excellent. And like all Indian books and films is devastating and depressing in a way.

There are like 200 million dalits in India, which is like 25% of the population. It is supposed to be a society that is equal, but sadly it is not.

it's all very sad, but I guess that makes it even more important to support films such as hers.

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