Cyclin on the Praries

Wednesday, August 30

Last weekend was a test of endurance in so many ways that I think it'll take a few weeks to recover. Friday night of course found me at what has become the summer hang out, Black Dog pub on Whyte Ave looking to cheap beer. For once I had to limit myself to only two because I knew the next day was going to be trying. Jodie and I rolled out of bed at 8am and after a quick breakfast geared up for a marathon bike ride to her Dad's place near Sangudo. I did feel like I was slightly tricked into the trip as evertime I asked the distance and estimated time it would take kept getting longer. But I was committed and with since my friend Sando left me his cheap bike when he moved last week I had a sweet set of wheels. After pumping up our tires and fixing my broken brakes we headed out, Jodie on her old school one speed and me on a bike I wasn't sure was going to make it out of the city let alone Sangudo.

We got out of the city quickly and hit highway 16A heading for Jasper. The first few hours flew by as we discussed cycling and Jodie went on various rants about how people have to get used to having bikes on the road. While I agree I don't think the highway is the best place to try to teach drivers a lesson. We stopped at a gas station to fill our bottles and had a nice break behind the fountain at a golf course before putting in our Ipods for a little pickme up for the last few km's. As we turned off the highway and hit the back roads towards her Dad's house we started to fade and I totally died at the top of what felt like a mountain. We picked our selves up and finally turned on to the gravel road that headed out to the farm. Luckily Hilda had a huge meal with buffalo steaks waiting for us when we walked in the door and I eat more than I thought I was capable of.

As we talked it came out that the rodeo was on and lucky for us there was a rodeo dance that night. Jodie's Dad generously lent me the keys to their diesel Volkswagen golf and off we went to see some bull riding and dance up a storm with some true cowboys. I broke out my best 2-steppin moves and wowed them all as I ran into people and crushed Jodie's feet. After hours of excitement and me almost falling asleep in a chair we managed to find the car nuzzled in between two giant trucks and head home exhausted and laughing with shimmering northern lights over the prairies guiding us.

The next day was spent playing with the dogs on the farm. A border collie that played fetch for hours without tiring and a mini-doberman who just wanted to cuddle. We walking around seeing cows, elk and the places where Jodie grew up. It was a true prairie weekend for me and I guess I am an mostly an urban boy even though I beg to differ sometimes.

nicholas, 2:17 PM


I still can't believe you rode all that way. But such luck that the rodeo was in town! That little doberman is cute as pie.

Anyway, it sounds like a good time and at heart we're still prairie boys.
Anonymous Jeremy, at 3:55 PM  

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