Manual Labor and Killer Muffins

Thursday, August 10

So it's been a long time. I've been neglecting my blog of late because I've been busy. I know it's no excuse but my computer has been unhooked and set back up twice in the last week while we ripped out carpet and prepared for the wood laminate flooring I'm now sitting on. I think this weekend will be the end of the endless renovation...

So, funny story to share. I was laying around with a friend of mine when she pointed out I have calluses on my hands. Needless to say I was a little surprised as I'm not big into physical labor. I have my nice guitar calluses but these were a little more hardcore than tough finger tips. We thought about it and decided that maybe all the painting and ripping up carpet and throwing it around and carrying a billion pounds a laminate has given me worker hands. Masculine, callused, worker hands.

Could be. However the next morning as I was mixing up the batter for my muffins at work using a huge wooden spoon I was like, hey my hands hurt. That's when I realized where my calluses are from. I'm unsure if I should let this little truth out or stick with my manly worker story. It might sounds better than, "I have callused hands from mixing muffin batter in a bakery I work in. Yep, it's killer making muffins." Luckily I know a girl who thinks that's hot, haha!

So this week I'll be moisturizing.

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