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Friday, September 22

I'm collecting jobs these days. It's a fun hobby and a job in itself really. I apply all over mostly to jobs I want though lately I've been getting less picky and then I do follow up phone calls. Finally though I got my Edmonton in-term work sorted out. I was looking for jobs that would be fun, pay at least a little and provide just a little more stimulation than making muffins for 8 hours a day. As you read in my last post my most recent addition to the collection is Friends and Neighbors.

Well I just added another Whyte Ave institution to my collection of odd jobs. Starbucks. That's right I'm following in my friend Sando's foot steps and will be starting at Starbucks in about two weeks. I'm now a Whyte Ave institution in my own right. Between working at Friends and Neighbors and Starbucks it's pretty much impossible for anyone who comes to Whyte Ave not to see me and get to know me. I already have customers call me by name at Friends and Neighbors and I know it won't be long before most of the Ave just waves and says., "Hey Nicholas" when I walk by. Good for now I guess but thank god I'll be moving soon. Just as soon as I find that perfect job to finish my collection.
nicholas, 1:20 PM


oh! how nice nicholas!
I was working at Starbucks in my hometown in Japan!
This is what global chain stores are for!
Anonymous Tomoe, at 12:54 AM  
You corporate whore.
Blogger kent, at 12:54 AM  
I know I'm a corporate whore but at least Tomoe was too and besides I only like their espresso.
Blogger nicholas, at 4:01 PM  

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