Chai Talk - A Good Bye

Thursday, September 7

Location: Booster Juice, Edmonton International Airport
Rating: 0/5

It's been a long week prepping up for a goodbye that I've been trying to ignore all summer. After some busy days helping my Traveling Broad get organized to flee the country again it was time to say farewell. Luckily my room mate came through for me as she always does and lent me her car for a morning drop off at the airport. I've done far too many of those lately it feels like.

We threw the amazingly few pounds of luggage into the car and headed off. Luckily there was a cd of mine in the car and as we headed out of town on Highway 2 towards the airport The Gossip, "Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix)" came on. It was a perfect mood lifter for both of us because we couldn't help but turn it up and pretend we could sing that high.

I missed the turn into the parking lot, maybe a subconscious slip but we had tons of time so circled around and found a parking spot. After checking in we headed for Tim Hortons to hang out for a few more precious moments but the lineup was ridiculous so we walked across to Booster Juice. I guess I should've known since there was no line and it took about 10 min. to get our chai but still I held out hope. All hope was dashed on the first sip. A sweet milky taste finished with a chemical bite so strong that I think they must have spiked my chai with bug spray.

I was saved from drinking my chai by a goodbye card that came all the way from the Tate Gallery in London. It had Rodin's sculpture "The Kiss" on it and needless to say I forgot all about my chai. I dropped the chemically mixture in the garbage as we said our last farewell at security. There was potential for it to be emotional but luckily the airport security saved us from that as Jodie was forced to empty out half her makeup into my pockets because she couldn't get on the plane with it.

So the chai sucked but it was probably the best airport farewell you can have so maybe it's worth trying the chai to see if it does the same for you even if it tastes awful.
nicholas, 9:48 AM


Sounds like I should be setting up a chai stand at the airport.

You know, it hurts me to hear that you had such awful really hurts me.
Blogger kent, at 10:33 PM  
Nicholas - the history behind the Kiss isn't as I thought.

Turns out the woman is the ill-fated 13th century Francesca da Polenta who was tricked into an arranged marriage to a lame and demformed heir of her father's enemy... to ammend the peace, of course. She thought she was marrying the fella's younger and much handsomer brother, Paolo, who she fell in love with and was unaware of the deception until the morning after her wedding (I don't get that one!)

Paolo and Francesca became lovers after seducing each other gradually by reading the story of Lancelot and Guinevere together. They then were fated to die a violent death when surprised by her husband in 1285.

(And no, I didn't copy that stright from Wikipedia. I did change some words!)

Where these two were made famous was in Dante's Devine Comedy in the first section: The Inferno. He captures their plight as the moralistic examples of the second Circle of Hell (reserved for those overcome by lust.)

Well, that seemed rather dark and gloomy, but I found this uplifting statement: "The Kiss" is a testament to the power of love and the dream of romance we all yearn for.

That's more along the lines of what I was aiming for.

(Poor woman, though... to be tricked into marriage!)

Okay, I'm off to bed. Danced half the night away to Ben Watt (the other half was spent queuing for the Ben Watt show.)

I miss you already.
Blogger Jodie, at 12:54 AM  

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