Friends and Neighbours

Wednesday, September 20

My time in Edmonton has been a little longer than I expected. Not a bad thing though. I had a great summer and now that fall is here I know I'll be moving on soon. As some of you read I was working at a bakery making muffins. Elf work really and while fun I did eventually go insane and start dreaming of muffins filling up my bedroom and suffocating me. I left that job about three weeks ago now. Luckily after applying to pretty much every restaurant on Whyte Ave I got a call from Friends and Neighbors. If you've visited me in Edmonton chances are you've been there. If not, it's a family run diner on Whyte with all day breakfast and if you go on Saturday or Sunday you will wait at least 10 minutes to get a table because every person who lives in the area is hung over and telling stories of the previous night over seemingly bottomless cups of coffee. I am now a happy member of the small but important Friends and Neighbours family.

Working there is a little like working in the circus I think though I've never been a carnie before. It's completely laid back, the owners and cook are Vietnamese and very hard to communicate with and the clientele is anything from drunks, pan handlers, students or the regulars who have been coming for 30 years and learned my name on my first day so they can shout it across the restaurant when they need more coffee. A day there consists of about 5 hours of slow chatty serving and 3 of running around like an idiot trying to keep people from getting to agitated at how slow our kitchen is, how long it takes me to get them their coffee, and how often I forget to make them their toast. Ooooppppps. Really though, I forgot how much I live serving and, modesty aside, how good I am at it. So stop by Friends and Neighbors Sat - Tues and grab a coffee with me although if you come between 11-2 I'll probably completely ignore you while I wear holes in the carpet delivering food, taking orders and refilling coffee. However I will still expect a tip.
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