Grey Go Away

Saturday, September 16

The last week has been the gloomiest I can remember in a long time. I should mention that Canadians talk constantly about the weather and we are barely ever satisfied. A side effect of having to deal with the most unpredictable and extreme weather I guess or maybe we're all just very hard to please. In any case, seriously gloomy. It's been grey, freezing and rainy for a week now and doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon.

Got me wondering if the weather effects my mood. Judging by the last week it does but the week also included a ton of work searching which is never fun so I'm not sure where the gloom comes from.

I'm not a big fan of in-between seasons like the one right before spring when the snow is all melting and it's cold but the winter wonder is gone. Or right after fall when the leaves are mostly gone and rain is not quite snow yet but the days are getting shorter and darker. At least we have seasons though. When I lived where there is less of a season it feels like you never get to have those transitions in life that are mirrored by your environment. We sure get that here. The weather has been a manifestation of my own head for the whole summer. Not that I can control it but just seems we get eachother.
nicholas, 8:20 AM


Blogger kent, at 8:30 AM  
Oooh my. It was +26 here today. Sweltering and muggy with delightful bouts of sunshine peeping through the smog.
Blogger Jodie, at 4:46 PM  

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