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Monday, September 25

I've decided to make Monday a weekly review day. I'm not sure exactly what I will review. It'll be different every week but I just like reviewing things because you all know how important my opinion is. Movies, music, food, TV, the weather, hair cuts ... all is fair game. I'm a gerneralist so I figure I shouldn't confine myself to reviewing only certain things.

This week on review is a show that's been running for way too many hours in my house lately. My room mate introduced me to it since I had completely missed it last year. I heard that Sandra Oh was on a prime time show and I thought that was exciting. I always remember her from Don McKellar's "Last Night" because she really stuck out in the movie and it's good to see her get a little fame. Anyway, I hadn't seen any of it and in an attempt to catch up before September TV premiers Jill and Stacy and I started an intensive program to get through the entire second season before the premier. It was last week and we didn't make it. I didn't see it yet so no spoilers please.

In the past three weeks or so I've watch 27 episodes of the show. Judging by how hard it was to find the dvd's every time we tried to rent them, there are a few other people doing the same thing. I don't blame them though. After a couple episodes I wasn't that impressed. The show seemed to just rip off the good things from other great shows. The monologue and funny yet dramatic medical show from scrubs, the edgy topics and intro taken straight from Nip Tuck, fast back and forth writing from West Wing, obvious rip offs from ER but really how could they not, it is a medical drama.

After a couple episodes though the show really started to grow on me. The funny parts interspersed with serious drama are great and make the show more fun to watch than ER was/is. The real strength of the show is in the relationships and that's what the focus of the show is. The fact that they're all surgical interns just throws them in a high pressure and generally dramatic set but the focus is on the characters and relationships rather than the surgery.

Their portrayal of dating, marriage, love, friendship, sex, it's all so good, funny, sad and complicated. True it's corny sometimes and definitely overly dramatic but it is television. Seriously you can't help but get drawn into the characters and feel the tension between them. I actually found myself talking to the characters on the show a couple of times and I am not a crazy soap fan who does that when Passions is on too.

The show has some big story arcs so you have to give it a couple of episodes to figure out what's going and get involved with the characters but after that you'll be hooked. I love Izzy and Dr. Bailey currently. If you watched the show ever let's play the game of which character you're most like.
nicholas, 4:01 PM


I can't tell if the lead actress is hot or not. It's quite the dilemma.

You watched passions, too?
Blogger kent, at 4:41 AM  
I know it's an awful dilemma but she's so emotionally damaged now anyway. Izzy is hot!. I have to admit I have watched Passions before but lost interest when I realized I could miss a year of it and still nothing happened.
Blogger nicholas, at 7:37 AM  
Hahaha...i hear ya. I used to watch it in grade 10 and 11. I'll check it out every once and a while if I find myself rendered useless on the couch.

Which one is Izzy?
Blogger kent, at 8:09 AM  
Isn't Izzy the blond doc? Well, since it is dangerous for me to be too clear (You know, the other half of the two-headed monster...), I must say, she is not ugly - neither is Dr. Shepherd's ex-wife...

And did you know that the Asian doctor is from Ottawa? Most probably you did - in 20 years Canadians will cover the earth.

PS: In my opinion nothing comes even close to "House" when it comes to hospital shows. ;)
Blogger benjamin, at 2:09 AM  
Haha, don't want the monster to bite back, but just say you think she looks like Izzy.
Blogger nicholas, at 2:54 PM  

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